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QZebra story

We focus on the mission to deliver the best of the digital age and innovation.
Our team are passionate, creative professionals in the area of communication and innovation. 

We have the experience to plan, develop and execute your strategy.

QZebra is not just another agency. 

We are the agency that will help you innovate and think outside the norm

Level up without fitting in




QZebra’s vision is focused on helping companies and brands succeed. We work with start-up companies and large scale companies who need to improve their outputs. We can create their brand identity or update it. Although we are not just limited to that, we support the brands that are already incorporated and positioned in the market to develop new products, services, or content, improve their marketing strategies and think out of the norm in an innovative way! 

QZebra’s focusses on helping companies and brands to succeed. We work with a range of companies who rely on us to help them to improve.

"DEU Zebra"

The name QZebra comes from a popular Brazilian expression “Deu zebra”. The expression was created from an illegal game called “game of the beast” – in the game people place their bets on animals, but the zebra is not one of the animals available in the game.

Therefore, when the game’s result was revealed, and the animal that appeared was what no one had wagered, the expression “Deu zebra” was used (it is an informal Brazilian expression that is translated as “the unexpected came about”).

Over the years the expression gained in strength and was associated with unusual situations in which the result was considered impossible to happen, or some unexpected mess; for example when a traffic light breaks and the traffic begins to turn into chaos.

Although this expression originates from a “negative or bad luck” connotation, placement is not associated with situations where the result can not be changed and turned into something positive!

In some cultures, the zebra animal has the meaning of being the balance, the agility, the uniqueness, the power, the conviction on the way forward and the maintenance of the individuality within the group.

A zebra’s stripes represent the blend and balance between Yin and Yang, harmony and profound truth. Zebras understand challenges as opportunities for growth while using mental skills to solve problems and remove barriers.

Zebras are strong, tough and resilient animals, as is QZebra.

When a zebra “comes into your life” it means that it is time for big changes.Time for creativity as you develop confidence and gain new essential knowledge with the right support surrounding you.

If you are experiencing “Deu zebra” in your business, please do not hesitate to contact QZebra to deliver the necessary progress you need.

Level up without fitting in