Podcasting Find your Niche

Podcasting Find your Niche

Making a good podcast is not easy, but all you need is a recording device and ideally a microphone, and you can, in theory, start recording.

The smartphone you are carrying around could probably be your very first recording device, but before you hit record, consider the following items.

What is your niche?

Everything from Career advice, health and well being to gaming and everything in between is already a podcast. Think about your target audience. Consider the niche you are targeting and how you would like your podcast to be received?

Alternatively, if you have found an untapped niche then go for it!
Decide where you want to host and share your content is it Spotify, iTunes, Google podcasts, SoundCloud, or a range of other options? How many platforms will you be sharing your podcast too?

Simple things like a robust publishing schedule are required, as fundamental to staying on track. Are you publishing every week or every two weeks or every month?

Title your podcasts and have a pre-thought through a topic that you can use to help potential listeners find your content.

Connect with a Niche Audience

If your podcast is one of many and appeals to the masses, it can be challenging to gain traction and promotion. Consider how you can connect with a niche audience and build a following of people who are open to receiving your content or better still engaging with it.

Sound plays an important role. Although the built-in smartphone microphone can get you started, it is noticeable when you leap to using a decent quality microphone. The impact of sound quality can be very noticeable. Your listeners will tolerate poor audio set up if they are really into the topic, but to gain more excellent traction, enhancing your sound quality is always a right approach.

Plan time to edit your work

To edit the recording, free programs such as Reaper and Audacity are generally enough. Apple users can use the GarageBand program that comes with Macs and iPhones to record and edit their podcast.
You can record on the go and hit publish, but you may want to consider editing the recording and adding new music and voice-over elements?

Having a consistent process for how you work with the recordings planned out in advance will help to keep the sound and flow of the podcast effective and consistent.

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