Plan Your Event with Less Stress

Plan Your Event with Less Stress

Events are often useful to attend but can be challenging to manage behind the scenes.

If you find yourself in the event coordinator hot seat here are some tips to help you reduce the stress and deliver a successful event. 

The Budget 

Some of the best events have often have been very cost-effective. An excellent point to remember as a big budget does not always an enjoyable event make! Set the budget and stick to it! Do not be afraid to spend money where it matters; it can often be the small things that people remember. Build-in some contingency for your event, as things often do not always go to plan. 

The Venue 

You might be looking for the cool and kooky venue that will create a unique event, but you need to consider the location for the audience attending. Other factors include safety, trust, and above all is the venue accommodating, and do you find them helpful? Can you get to the site relatively quickly for setting up and breaking the event down afterwards?

If a venue can look after seating, lighting, audiovisual, and catering, this can be a great assistance. Hotels and conference venues often lend themselves to this type of service. If your site does not afford this service, additional considerations are required to factor these into the event plan.

The Plan 

Read all contracts carefully, ensure your insurances are in place and construct a detailed plan for each element of the project. Use timelines and owners for required tasks. Painstakingly review the planning and timings of the program each day. With events, many jobs can be overlapping and reliable/contingent one another. Be sure to set firm timelines and follow up regularly. 

Working with an event planner or company that can help your event go smoothly can also remove a lot of the stress and planning elements. 

Effective Project Management

An event is a project that requires comprehensive management. Tasks range in size from venue hire to invitations, speakers, lighting, menus, parking, and a whole host of moving parts. 

Delivering on a successful event requires effective project management, which can make a big difference.

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