How to Produce a Magazine

How to Produce a Magazine

Do you like the idea of producing a magazine?

Getting to the goal of printing a magazine that you are proud of, that people will want to buy or at the very least read, is not so simple. 

There is a big difference between a dream and a practical plan. We believe in dreaming big, but at some stage, you will need to get down to the planning and production stages. 

How to Plan Your Magazine

Planning should be the first task. Ask yourself a few critical direct questions. (be honest with your answers).

Who is the target for the magazine?

What topics are my readers/audience going to find attractive?

What need am I serving for my audience?

Magazine Production

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Trust us; it’s all about the deadlines! 

Plan out the date each piece of content needs to be ready. Ensure that the editing process is factored in. Allow time for practical and meaningful proofreading, and always build in a time frame for edits and changes. (there will be many). Consider the publishing date and the printing date. Finally, work backwards from the editing, print/publish timeline, and the all-important distribution date. 

Before You Publish 

Other important areas to consider are design, paper stock, layout, themes, cover images, typeface, fonts, colours, images. Working with a good designer can be of benefit here. 

Before you go to print or publish the magazine online, check it one last time! 

Level Up Without Fitting In.


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