Connecting Events Launch New global events series kicks off in Australia

Connecting Events Launch

New global events series kicks off in Australia

October 10, 2019 07:30AM Eastern Daylight Time | MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

Circleze launches the ‘Connecting Events’ series of online and in-person events taking place around the globe. There are always events that you would like to attend and make connections at, but there is often a lot of cost and distance involved. 

We are pleased to be kicking off ‘Connecting Events’ in Melbourne, Australia, November 13, 2019, helping to connect and bring people together from around the world, through face-to-face and online networking. 

The first ‘Connecting Melbourne’ event is an online-only format with four leading expert speakers. This format showcases how people can join from anywhere in the world via their smartphone, tablet, or laptop devices.


The speakers for the ‘Connecting Melbourne’ event include:

Jeff Sheehan, Influencer, Author and Speaker

Annemarie Cross, Founder, Author, Speaker – The Podcasting Queen

Julian Smit, Digital Marketing and Multimedia Production

Keith Keller, Global Twitter Video Marketing Specialist

The second ‘Connecting Events’ that will follow the inaugural launch event in Melbourne, Australia, is an in-person and online conference, hosted live from Dublin, Ireland, scheduled for early 2020.

About Circleze

The speed of change is increasing as technology, creativity, and content continue to expand. Circleze is helping to make sense of the busy world we are all living in! Circleze is the destination for everyone with interests in Technology, Business, Language, and Media. We help to share information on conferences, news and thought leadership across many industries and geographies. We are building a global community. 

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Media Contact: 

Monike Martins, Co-Founder, QZebra

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